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Confession (2018.03.04 Sermon)

March 4th, 2018

April Karli

April Karli continues our Lent series on Patterns: Five Habits for Weaving a Life Like Jesus with a sermon on Confession.


  • “Confession is the willingness to acknowledge and take responsibility not only for the outward manifestations of our sin, but also for the inner dynamics that produced the sinful or negative behaviors. Confession requires us to say it out loud to ourselves, to God and to the person(s) we have hurt and to take steps to renounce it for Christ’s sake, even making restitution if that is needed. Confession, when practiced fully, is personal (between me and God), it is interpersonal (with a trusted friend or confessor, with the person I have hurt or offended), and it is corporate (in the context of worship in community). It is the interplay between these three that keeps confession healthy and productive.” — Ruth Haley Barton

To share in the learning of these habits with each other, we have created this reflection guide. This offers all of us space to reflect on each of these habits, as well as guide our Community Group discussions during the season of Lent. Printed versions are also available in liturgy.

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