Simplicity: A Simple Way to Get Started

March 20th, 2018 | John Chandler

In this week’s sermon, Shane introduce the idea of a habit audit as a first step toward practicing simplicity. Below are the instructions for how you do your own habit audit.

This week, we invite you to perform what is called a habit audit of your life rhythms and habits in order to better understand what you love and, thus, what is forming you.
For one week, keep a short and simple diary of your habits and patterns of life each day. You can keep a small notebook on your person for the week, or use digital journal. Make note of the amount of time spent on each activity. Take particular note of the things to which you commit time, energy, and money.
Excerpts from such a diary may read something like:
15 minutes making coffee
30 minutes on social media
1 hour working out
2 hours of TV shows
2 hours and $30 at a restaurant with friends
1 hour and $25 shopping online
With the week and your diary complete, sit down to ask yourself a few questions:

The above audit was taken from Practicing the Way