Ten Parts of Our Sunday Liturgy

March 29th, 2018 | Daniel Read

Call to Worship

A short song, followed by a moment of silence and a prayer. The Call to Worship reorients us to God’s presence already among us.


We sing together, expressing our hearts and our hopes. You can join by standing, singing along or contemplating.

Prayer of Confession

Confession is a moment to honestly reveal our shortcomings, frustrations, hopes and pains. The leader will read the prayer, and we reply in unison.


Church is not just an event on Sunday, it’s a community. This time invites us to participate in the full life that we share throughout the week.

Passing of the Peace

An extended break to check in or get more acquainted with each other. And also drink coffee.


A proclamation of the good news of Jesus and his kingdom, either from the church staff, others within the community or our friends beyond.

Prayers of the People

A brief opportunity to share our prayer request and thanksgivings with the community, enabling us to pray and check in all week long.


The center of our Liturgy, meaning “give thanks.” We give thanks for Jesus’s life, death, burial, resurrection, ascension and coming kingdom. All are welcome. The elements are gluten and alcohol free so that all may participate.


A reminder that nothing in this life is ours. Regular attenders are encouraged to give financially.


A final prayer that sends us into the world to spread the peace of Jesus.