Because Love: Easter Discussion Series from 1 John

April 5th, 2018 | John Chandler

We celebrate Easter with churches around the world. We’ll join them in reading 1 John together for the next six weeks in liturgy and community groups.

The beautiful message of 1 John might be difficult for some of us to read. Much of the language sounds ‘churchy’ and might remind us of how religious language has been used to divide and exclude people.

But it was originally written as an invitation to what resurrection life looks like in Jesus’ community of followers. We hope it can be an invitation for us as well.

Here are two ways we can prepare for our time in 1 John together:

1) Take a deep breath…take as many as you need. Ask God to open your mind and heart through the words of the early teaching on love in the resurrection community in the coming weeks.

2) Watch this video. It is a brief but thorough overview of what the message of 1 John is.