Here’s a Glimpse of What Happened on the Camping Trip

April 27th, 2018 | Daniel Read

Community is Where God Shapes Us

At Austin Mustard Seed, we are committed to practicing the way of Jesus.
God is reshaping us into people who follow Jesus.

We can’t do that alone—so we go camping.

Like a Hidden Rainforest

Palmetto State Park is only an hour away from Austin, but it feels like a different world!
The lush vegetation is made up of unique plants like “Palmettos” and even a swamp!

We tried to catch dinner
The whole crew headed to the dock to go fishing.

…but it wasn’t quite enough.
This guy will be tasty in about six months.

We told jokes around the fire
Some were funnier than others.

We played games
Even after dark!

Then it Got Soggy
But that didn’t stop Kevin Baker from making cobbler!

We grilled marshmallows
And burnt a few.

We learned new skills
And played with worms

We gathered by the fire
To read scripture and pray together.

We took a few rides
Moose went for a swim.

We did it together.

We helped each other set up tents. We shared breakfast tacos. We kept an eye on each other’s kids and animals.

(Ok, Kevin Baker did most of the work.)

But the important part is that we did it together.

We want to be formed into people who are practicing the way of Jesus.

This is long, hard work. It requires that we change and grow.

It requires that we band together to form community.

Thanks for working together to grow!

Special thanks to Kevin & Macy Baker for hosting!