Loving Our Neighbors Throughout the Fall

October 23rd, 2018 | April Karli

by Kate Blackshear

As we all know, the community of Austin Mustard Seed is in a season of change. We sense God’s presence with us and believe that this time will lead to our maturity and growth.

A few months ago we gathered and worshipped together, seeking God’s dreams and visions for our community, for our future. We are a church community who cares deeply for one another. We have also said we care about loving our neighbor. Our neighbors are those we live near and share life with, those we work with, and the connections we have through involvement in our city, our children’s schools and our own hobbies and interests.

However, we recognize that one thing we need more of is to connect with people outside of our church community together.

The Mobilization Team at Austin Mustard Seed dreams and creates opportunities for us to be present in and serve our neighbors as a community. Our hope is to listen to peoples’ stories, be a witness to what they are experiencing, and share the life-changing message of the gospel and love of Jesus with them. We want to connect with our neighbors and offer hope. We believe that the reason we gather as a community is to worship a God who cares deeply for us and is with us, and we want others to experience that too. The Spirit of God dwells in our community and there are people in need. People in our city are lonely and afraid, people feel lost in parenting, faith, relationships, direction, or family conflict. People need support in this life that offers so much challenge.

We, Austin Mustard Seed, have something to offer.

The first event we have planned this fall is the Fall Block Party. We will be face-to-face with neighbors in Rosedale and others who have been invited to join us. Rosedale is one of the top three neighborhoods in Austin for people to visit on Halloween night! It’s going to be a great night. Find out how you can help through your Community Group or email Madelynn.

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