Gratitude – April Karli

October 14th, 2019 | Josh Williams

The text this week was Luke 17:11-19.April discussed the story of Jesus healing the 10 lepers and the relationship between gratitude and faith.

Quotes from this week’s sermon:

“This rhythm of faith and gratitude simply is what being a Christian in the first century, or twenty-first century is all about.” – N.T. Wright, Luke for Everyone

“God wants to redeem it all. Rather than your being transformed into a broken identity by the pressures of your world, he wants to transform you to recover who you truly are.” Jo Saxton, The Dream of You

“Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.
It is right to give God thanks and praise.
It is right, and a good and joyful thing, always and everywhere to give thanks to you, God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.”
The Great Thanksgiving from the Book of Common Prayer

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