A Prayer of Confession During COVID-19

March 9th, 2020 | April Karli

In the midst of rising global and local anxiety around COVID-19, we prayed this prayer yesterday to confess our fears and xenophobia and ask for God’s comfort and courage. Written by Austin Mustard Seed’s liturgist, Mason Parva.

Confession allows us a moment to honestly reveal our hopes and pains. Let us cry out to God as a community.

God of Mercy and Grace, Universal Healer, in this time of sickness we cry to you. We open our hearts to receive you, to find comfort in you. Today we pray about COVID-19.
Lord, have mercy.

You call us in such a time to be bold, to be brave.
Forgive us Lord, for we have been afraid.

You call us in such a time to stand tall in these earthly bodies. To use hands and feet to serve.
Forgive us Lord, when our fear has led us to cower from your call to action.

You call us in such a time not to trust sensationalism, but to modestly and humbly stay the course we have been given.
Forgive us when we let the news overshadow our neighbors. Forgive us, also, when we haven’t taken the sort of caution that serves and protects our neighbors.

You call us in such a time never to let contingency plans change our perspective of each and any one of your children. You call us away from xenophobia and into hospitality.
Forgive us, Lord, for the more deadly virus of racism which seeks to tear us apart.

Lastly, we acknowledge still our part to play for the sake of the common good. We acknowledge that as we stay the course of your Kingdom in the world, still we must take caution in such a time.
Forgive us when we have made light of the suffering of others.
Forgive us when we have not considered our duty.

Give us prudence in how to care for each other and your global people.

Church, take heart! You are forgiven, you are loved — Our Triune God will not leave us alone in this time— We, the Church, are powerful in Love. Transform us by your Spirit and your Word into a faithfulness which never falters. Bring us into Your Shalom, joining saints and angels of all ages. In the Trinity we pray. Amen.