Make Good: Intro (2018.09.02 Sermon)

September 6th, 2018 | John Chandler

John Chandler begins our series called “Make Good” on lessons we can learn from the story of Nehemiah. Quotes and resources mentioned: How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life Maker Faire Austin Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes


September Discussion Series: Make Good

August 31st, 2018 | John Chandler

Each of us see what might be, what could be, as we go through the day to day of our lives. Some of those feel like overwhelming problems we can’t tackle. While others feel like possibility or dreams that we hope to see realized. In the Old Testament, we find a similar story in Nehemiah. He was faithful to the … Read More


This Sunday: Our Labor Day Eve Cookout Tradition

August 29th, 2018 | John Chandler

One of our oldest, and most favorite, community traditions is our annual Labor Day Eve Party. If you don’t have to work Monday (or even if you do!), what better way to spend the evening than to feast with friends. We’ll fire up the grills at the Garza’s house (1008 Rebecca Dr) this Sunday at 6pm, so come anytime from … Read More


Community Groups Preview (2018.08.26 Sermon)

August 28th, 2018 | John Chandler

John discusses the relational nature of our community groups as we get ready to kick them off with a community group dream session this Wednesday. Quotes and resources mentioned: The Hacking of the American Mind, by Robert Lustig “Technology is seductive when what it offers meets our human vulnerabilities. And as it turns out, we are very vulnerable indeed. We … Read More


College Students: Please Join us for a Welcome Dinner!

August 22nd, 2018 | John Chandler

This time of year is always exciting in Austin as the college students return. If you are a new or returning student…welcome (back)! This Sunday night, August 26, we’re having a Welcome Dinner for college students at 6:30pm. We would love to have join us and get to know our community better. You’ll learn more about the many ways you … Read More


Acts 17 (2018.08.12 Sermon)

August 14th, 2018 | John Chandler

April Karli closed out our summer series on Acts — “What happens when the Holy Spirit leads the way?” — with a sermon on Acts 17. Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes


Please help us prepare for fall Community Groups

August 6th, 2018 | John Chandler

Community Groups will return soon! Whether you have participated in Community Groups in the past or not, we need your voice. Please take a few moments to fill our this survey as we plan and tune Community Groups for the coming year.

Community Groups

This Week: The Final Men’s Story Night

July 31st, 2018 | John Chandler

Summer is going fast, and that means tomorrow night is our final men’s Story Night. Whether you are one of the many new faces in our community, or feel well established, this is a rich time to further connect in relationship. We’ll gather Wednesday at 6:30pm at the home of J Baker. Please RSVP, and let us know if you … Read More


Acts 13 – Pisidian Antioch (2018.07.15 Sermon)

July 15th, 2018 | John Chandler

John Chandler continues our series on “Acts: What happens when the Holy Spirit leads the way?” with a sermon Paul and Barnabas’ visit to Pisidian Antioch in Acts 13:13-52. Quotes and Resources Mentioned: Background info on The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch “This is a twist in the story which takes us down, deep down, to the mystery of God’s … Read More


Vision Night (2018.07.08 Audio)

July 10th, 2018 | John Chandler

Audio from our special evening Vision Night gathering. Please make plans to join us July 18 and 25 to continue the conversation. Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes