Please help us prepare for fall Community Groups

August 6th, 2018 | John Chandler

Community Groups will return soon! Whether you have participated in Community Groups in the past or not, we need your voice. Please take a few moments to fill our this survey as we plan and tune Community Groups for the coming year.

Community Groups

Midweek: Your Personality

September 26th, 2016 | John Chandler

This week at Midweek Group, you’ll be have a chance to talk more about yourself! By sharing who we are and how we tick, we’ll grow closer in our groups, and closer to understanding our vocation. You’ll be using the tool “The Enneagram” to discover more about yourself. During Midweek Group, you’ll have a chance to tell everyone about yourself … Read More

Community Groups

Vocation and Midweek Groups

September 1st, 2016 | John Chandler

What if you and everyone at Austin Mustard Seed discovered how to live fully as the person God designed you to be? What if each one us was actively engaging in what God is up to in our neighborhoods, work places, and cities? How might that change our homes, our jobs, and our church community? Exploring those questions is central … Read More

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Spring Midweek Groups Start NOW!

March 28th, 2016 | John Chandler

Time to Listen to God and Each Other Midweek Groups are a key rhythm of Austin Mustard Seed: carving out time each week to listen to God and to each other. While each group is unique, most share four common movements: A shared meal Purposefully checking in with each other Time devoted to listening to scripture Prayer We now have … Read More

Community Groups

Midweek Group Scrimmage is THIS SUNDAY

March 16th, 2016 | John Chandler

At Austin Mustard Seed, we say that we are a church that practices the way of Jesus. Sometime that literally means PRACTICE. This Sunday we’ll host a Midweek Group Scrimmage. We’ll share lunch together in the Seminary’s Dining Hall. Over lunch, we’ll gather with our groups to practice the two key elements of our groups: LISTENING to God and LISTENING … Read More

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Midweek Groups Winter Quarter Begins December 13

November 30th, 2015 | John Chandler

Midweek Groups are weekly get-togethers devoted to listening to God and to each other. We break our year into approximately ten-week quarters. At the ten week mark we take a deep breath to be thankful, evaluate, and share the load. The Winter quarter begins December 13. Please take a moment during your gathering on December 8 or 9 to answer … Read More

Community Groups

Where to Find Extra Resources for Your Midweek Group

September 28th, 2015 | John Chandler

Austin Mustard Seed is a church community all week long. Midweek Groups provide an opportunity for connection with each other and contemplation of scripture. We now have a new blog dedicated to Midweek Group Resources at There you will find: A one page “brief” with additional resources about the text from the previous Sunday. A one page guide about to … Read More

Community Groups

Great Groups Need Great Facilitators

August 26th, 2015 | John Chandler

Midweek Groups are launching in just a few weeks, and I’m super excited to have you with us. In the past we’ve been pretty open with our groups, when they meet, what they do, etc. The feedback we’ve gotten is that people love their groups, but they would benefit from a little more structure and guidance. We also want to … Read More

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Ladies: Wednesday is Gals Night!

July 21st, 2015 | John Chandler

All summer long, we’re alternating between gals and guys Midweek groups! Gals night is this Wednesday at the home of Chrisi Mitchell, 2311 Whitestone Dr starting at 7pm. Bring a snack, drink or dessert to share.

Community Groups

Midweek Groups? Camping? Both?

April 21st, 2015 | John Chandler

Every week, we meet together in homes and other fun spots around town in smaller groups. You can learn more here. However, we are also going CAMPING this weekend! It’s not too late to sign up. Some groups may opt to take the week off and go shopping for the camping trip. See you soon!

Community Groups