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A church community practicing the way of Jesus for North Central Austin

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The church is not meant to exist as a building, or an event. Some would say that the church is the people, and that’s getting there. More than anything, the church is a network of relationships called together for God’s ongoing work in our world.

We form our community, and ourselves, around shared Rhythms and Practices, ever orienting ourselves toward our shared mission:

Rhythms are regular activities and gatherings within the life of our community. They are critical to who we are as a vibrant congregation, so we cultivate them through our structure, inviting those who are part of the church to participate in these rhythms together on an ongoing basis.

If our rhythms are what we cultivate, then our Practices are what we celebrate. As a congregation we teach and tell stories about these practices in order to incorporate them into our lives. They won’t appear on a church calendar but they are very much part of how we live in common with one another.