House Churches

The first and third Sundays of the month we will meet for liturgy in the chapel at Rosedale. The second and fourth Sundays of the month we will meet in house churches. House Churches are open for anyone to visit. Contact the group leader or for more information.

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What happens at a House Church? 
House Churches are made up of smaller groups than liturgy at the Chapel. People from every life stage will gather in living rooms for a liturgy that looks very similar to what you’re already used to. There will be prayers, something for the kids, time to explore scripture, pray for each other, and share Eucharist together. House churches will also share a meal together every Sunday for an extended time of community building.

Who Can Come?
Anyone can attend a House Church. We suggest you choose one in your geographic area, but you are not required to do so. Visitors are also welcome anytime. 

When will they meet?
House Churches will meet at 10:30am the second and fourth Sundays of the month unless otherwise specified. 

Is a house church the same as a community group?
House Church is part of our discipleship pathway that includes Liturgy. While community groups and house churches share some characteristics, they are not the same. As we say every week, liturgy is “the work of the people.” Each Sunday we come together as participants and hosts to create a space to be oriented toward God as we hear the good news of Jesus’s kingdom proclaimed, pray for one another and our world, participate in the Eucharist, and are sent back out into the world. Those things are the central focus of our time in our large liturgy gathering and in our house churches.

What about kids?
Kids are an important part of our time together at liturgy. We have plans to incorporate the kids in meaningful ways into our house churches. And we believe this will enrich their spiritual development. But we also know that kids need their own time and space. We are consulting with churches that have a similar house church rhythm on how to do this safely and in a way that works best for everyone.

Fall Sunday schedule:

  • Nov 13: House Church Liturgy
  • Nov 20: Chapel Liturgy at Rosedale
  • Nov 27: House Church Liturgy
  • Dec 4: Chapel Liturgy at Rosedale
  • Dec 11: House Church Liturgy
  • Dec 18: Chapel Liturgy at Rosedale
  • Dec 24: Christmas Eve at Rosedale
  • Dec 25: No Liturgy

House Church Locations

Please contact the leader directly to find out more about the group and where they’re meeting or email us at for more information.

Northeast: Leader: Tim Allen, Location: Kate & Shane Blackshear‘s

Cedar Park/Leander: Leader: Chris Gandy, Location: Anya & Chris Gandy‘s

Northwest: Leader: Daniel Ziegler, Location: Alison & Jonathan Baker‘s