Leadership Team Process

This is from the email sent on April 4 about the process for selecting new Leadership Team members.

We are excited to announce that we will be adding new members to our Leadership Team. In the fall of 2020 we initiated a process to create a new Leadership Team. That team consists of Tim Allen, Shane Blackshear, Daniel Ziegler, Chris Gandy, and April Karli. April and Shane also are members of our Pastoral Team.

We are grateful for the ways our Leadership Team has served throughout the pandemic, helping us make decisions about gathering safely all while maintaining a sense of community. We value mutuality – women and men leading alongside each other. Because of this, we want to invite one or more women to join the team. We believe that it’s important to the health and life of our community that our church be led by both men and women. The nominees will be invited to join the current members of the Leadership Team. 

You can read or review the requirements and expectations of the leadership team here

The Leadership Team will continue to support the Pastoral Team & Staff which includes April, Shane, and Erin, as well as our Stewardship Team. 

Our process for selecting a new Leadership Team involves community discernment. This requires deep listening and responding to how God’s Spirit is working within and among us. Discerning together invites us to trust God and each other, and to pray. We believe that through those with the wisdom, energy, and creativity that our community needs right now will be revealed. 

Here is how it’ll work:

  • Nominations for the Leadership Team begin today, April 4 – April 25 . Click here to submit your nomination(s). 
  • You can submit more than one nomination.
  • Anyone can be nominated for the team. However, to move forward with the nomination process a person will need to be nominated at least twice.
  • The community and nominees will be notified of the names that were submitted after the July 24 deadline.
  • Nominees will be invited to consider whether they wish to proceed. Those who do will be asked to fill out a Discernment Survey which includes a series of questions to help each nominee discern their own part in the process. 
  • Discernment surveys will be due May 9. They will be read by the Leadership Team. 
  • Community input and discernment will also be invited during this time. 
  • Those who are selected to serve on the Leadership Team will be notified by mid-May and given opportunity to accept. 
  • The new Leadership Team will be commissioned around Memorial Day. 

This is a lengthy process that invites and involves our entire community to participate. We are eager and excited for the future with new leaders to help guide us. 

If you have any questions about this process at all, reach out to anyone on the Leadership Team.  

Please join us in prayer throughout these coming weeks, that God will guide us throughout the process. We are so thankful for each of you!