Living Room Liturgy

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What is Living Room Liturgy? Living Room Liturgy is a way for us to transition to gathering in person for liturgy. The 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, small groups will gather in living rooms throughout town for liturgy. Pray together, explore Scripture, and celebrate Eucharist together. There will also be an activity for kids who are present. It’ll feel a lot like liturgy at Rosedale, but with more opportunity to connect with those you’re gathered with.

What about Eucharist? Covid-safe, gluten & alcohol-free Eucharist supplies will be provided at each host home. 

Will the hosts be the same each Sunday? Yes…for the most part. Summertime means that people are traveling. But the leaders and hosts are set for the summer months. Contact the group leader to confirm where the group is meeting.

Do I have to go to the same Backyard Liturgy every Sunday? Our hope is that Living Room Liturgy will provide opportunity to deepen community this summer with the same people. You are free to attend different groups. But ideally, the groups will remain mostly static during the summer months.

Are any groups meeting outdoors: YES! The Mueller group is planning meetups outdoors at parks. Contact Chris Morton or email us to find out more.

Can I invite a friend? Please! This is an excellent opportunity to invite a friend. Just make sure the host knows they’re coming.

What about kids? Kids are encouraged to participate in the liturgy with their families. Each Living Room Liturgy will be different depending on whether kids are present and their ages. However, supplies and an activity will be provided for kids to do.

Living Room Liturgy Contacts

Please contact the leader directly to find out more about the group and where they’re meeting or email us at for more information.

Northeast: Kate & Shane Blackshear (not meeting Aug 1)

Round Rock: April Karli (meeting outdoors)

St Johns: Andrea Lucado (not meeting Aug 1)

Cedar Park/Leander: Daniel Ziegler & Chris Gandy (indoors w masks)

Northwest: Tim Allen (not meeting Aug 1)