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A church community practicing the way of Jesus for North Central Austin

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Sunday Liturgy

We meet up every Sunday for a time we call “Liturgy.” The word means “the work of the people.”

Doing the work of the people requires all that are involved to be present, ready and willing to respond to God and serve each other.

Austin Mustard Seed Liturgy
Sundays, 10:30am
In the building of Rosedale Baptist Church
4400 Maybelle, Austin
Plan to join us for lunch afterward at a nearby restaurant.

Our time on Sundays centers around a practice we call Eucharist. It reminds us that at the center of who we are, and primary to the Christian story, is Jesus’ work on the cross and the resurrection that is still happening. We sing, pray, and reflect together. We revisit the stories of Scripture and teachings of Jesus that ground our understanding of life. We come both to give what we can offer to others and receive what others have to offer us. Following liturgy, we get lunch together nearby, because we know that church is a people in relationship with one another.

Here are 5 values you’ll notice when you visit our liturgy.

  1. Jesus is the center
    Austin Mustard Seed loves Jesus. We think he is the smartest man who ever lived, so we are trying to live out what he taught. We believe he is God, so we worship him.
  2. You are welcome
    Maybe you’ve never been a part of a church. Maybe you aren’t sure what, if anything you believe. Maybe you’ve been around church your whole life. Whatever your story is, we hope you feel at home at Austin Mustard Seed.
  3. We all are participants
    If you wanted to sit and stare at a screen, you’d probably go to the movies. We gather to do The Work of the People. A few make music, others coffee, others make art. But we all act as hosts.
  4. All ages are welcome
    Jesus loved kids, and so do we. We also love single people, retirees, college students and those who don’t fit into such clean categories. We value diversity in our time together.
  5. We aren’t perfect.
    When you visit, you’ll realize that we’re far from perfect. Our Sunday Liturgy isn’t perfect, but then again, you could say the same about the rest of the week. But we hope that you’ll stick around, and be imperfect with us!

Kids are Welcome in Liturgy

We encourage children of all ages to participate in our liturgy. Here are a few ideas to help your child connect with what’s happening during liturgy:

Before Liturgy

Explain to kids that we are going to pray, sing, and worship God together. Build expectation that the time we spend in liturgy is special.

Call to Worship

Even the youngest children can become aware of God’s presence. Invite them to take a deep breath, still themselves, and sense that God is with us.


Encourage kids to sing along or respond to the music with their bodies by dancing.

Prayer of Confession

Kids older than infants know what it means to say they’re sorry. Tell children the time of confession is when we all tell God we’re sorry for the things we’ve done to hurt God and other people.


Invite children to listen for events they might want to participate in.

Sermon and Prayers of the People

If your child is more comfortable staying with you, activity kits are available on the kids’ info table.


Throughout the prayers before and after Eucharist, explain to your children what the bread and wine symbolizes. Ask them to tell Jesus thank you for his sacrifice for us. Children are welcome to participate in Eucharist with their families.


Kids can help pass the baskets or even begin learning to give back to God by placing some money in.


Now is when kids can sense it’s almost time to go. We’re being sent into the world with the love of Jesus!

Classes for Kids

Kids are a valuable part of our community. They participate in some of our liturgy with us.

However, we know that they also benefit from time shaped for their levels of energy and attention…and parents hoping to participate in liturgy benefit from that too. After announcements, kids, teachers and parents are asked to meet at the Info Table in the lobby so they can walk to class together. Classes are available for three different age groups:


Even the littlest ones are welcome here as soon as you are willing to share the cuddles with others.

3 & 4s

These kids share in some time of singing, stories, and lots of play.

K – 5th grade

A time of activities, stories, and imagining together what it looks like to follow Jesus.

Some things that are helpful for parents to know:

  • We have a Family Care Room that is available throughout liturgy if you need a quiet place to care for your child, or just give them extra some space to move around.
  • We don’t have snacks in our classes, so if you think they’ll be getting the hunger crankies as high noon approaches, please feed them something before.
  • We don’t change diapers or take kids to the bathroom, though we do get parents if this is needed during class. You can help minimize distractions by changing or taking them right before class.
  • If your kids would rather stay with you during all of our liturgy, they are welcome!