Our Guiding Values

Throughout the Bible, we see an invitation to humanity to partner in God’s purpose of setting things right in this world. Our Guiding Values define and direct our purpose as a church and offer structure to what we do from Sunday Liturgy to Community Groups as well as discipleship and how we reach out to our neighbors. 

Austin Mustard Seed Guiding Values

Transformation: We engage in spiritual practices that followers of Jesus have done for centuries. Through discipleship, we seek to encounter God together in new ways for the purpose of becoming mature apprentices of Jesus.

Generosity: All that we have is a gift from God. We respond to God’s generosity to us by joyfully offering all of our resources back to God. Our time, abilities, money, and property are stewarded generously and sacrificially.

Community: Our connection to one another comes from our identity as members of God’s family. We come together around our common mission to partner with God in the making of all things new. We find joy in our differences, celebrate unity without demanding uniformity, and we learn to trust God and each other in new ways.

Hospitality: Flowing out of Jesus’s desire that we welcome the stranger, we humbly seek to invite others, being open to receive from and give to everyone. We open our hearts, homes, and church to the lonely, those on the margins, as well as to newcomers.

Wholeness: God is in the process of restoring our lives, those around us, and all creation to shalom, or wholeness. Whether through spiritual disciplines, practicing mercy, creation care, offering forgiveness, or encouraging wholeness, our pain is transformed. We become bearers of the good news, actively participating in God’s ongoing work of renewal.