Five tools for inviting friends & neighbors to the "Taster" Liturgy

August 21st, 2013 | John Chandler

This Sunday, August 25, we will host our second ever “Taster” Liturgy. We’ll gather at4:30pm at Foodheads (616 W 34th St.). They’ve offered to let us use their space, so we’re going to try it out and see how it goes.

We call it a “taster” because it’s our chance to give our friends and neighbors a “taste” of what our Sundays together will be like.

We call it “liturgy” because the word means “work of the people,” and everyone is a valued participant.

Taster Graphic 2

Here are a few points to help you invite your friends and neighbors to the taster:

  1. Tell them that we are learning how to be a church for North/Central Austin. We’re experimenting, and need as many experimenters as possible!
  2. Tell them the Austin Mustard Seed liturgy is multi-generational. We are intent on making space for all ages singles, grandparents, toddlers and everyone in between.
  3. Tell them where they can read more about us.
  4. Forward them the weekly newsletter, and suggest they sign up.
  5. Share the picture above on your Facebook. Just right-click to download it and use it again.

Please take a moment RSVP on Facebook. See you Sunday!