Liturgy Audio (11/03/13): Markers — Story

November 4th, 2013 | John Chandler

Sermon audio from Sunday morning, 11/3/13, liturgy as we began our series on our Markers.

Here are the quotes shared during the message:

“Scripture was never simply about that imparting of information, reminding people of a previous religious experience. Even when the biblical writers were telling the story of Israel, this was never merely in order to provide facts about the past for their own sake. The story was told in order to generate once more the sense of Israel as the people called by YHWH for his purposes in the world, so that the writing and the telling of the story formed the further living emobidment of YHWH’s call and promise. It was written to shape and direct the life of God’s people.” – NT Wright in Scripture and the Authority of God

“We resist telling a story we don’t like, and we don’t like our own stories. But consider this: if you don’t like your story, then you must not like the Author. Or conversely, if you love the Author, then you must love the story he has written in and for your life.” – Dan Allender in To Be Told

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