This is Who We Are: Kristin Gebhart

September 3rd, 2014 | John Chandler

This is Who We Are is an interview series where the women and men of Austin Mustard Seed introduce themselves. If you’d like to participate, send an email to Chris Morton.



This week’s “Who We Are” is an interview with Kristin Gebhart.  The picture above is of Kristin and her husband Ross.  Not pictured is their beautiful little girl Eleanor.  As soon as Eleanor can talk, we hope to feature her on the blog.

Where is the most exciting place you have traveled?
In college, I went to 3 continents in 3 weeks. My favorite place was Varanasi, which is in Northern India along the Ganges River.

What hobbies do you have?
I LOVE to bake and can bake almost anything. However, since having Eleanor, I am now gluten intolerant. My new goal is to learn how to bake gluten free dishes from scratch. I also love to lift weights, and enjoy spending time with people.

Who are some of your heroes and why?
My mom. She’s one of the kindest, most welcoming, loving, and patient people I know. She possesses every gift of the Spirit mentioned in Galatians and she has shown me how to love internationals and to how to pray, all just from watching her. She’s amazing.
Corrie Ten Boom: She was a Christian who provided refuge for Jews and other non- Nazi’s during WWII. She was imprisoned and continued to share the gospel in the concentration camps. When released she continued to share the gospel despite having lost her entire family.

What is your day job?
Before Eleanor came along I was working at Brackenridge as a trauma nurse in the ER. I am now raising Eleanor full time. I’m not really a stay at home mom, because we try to get out of the house as much as possible.

Why do you follow Jesus?
I was telling a friend of mine the other day that life is better with Jesus in it. He is my source of joy and strength and often times, sanity. It is from him that I receive purpose and I enjoy listening to him as he directs me where to go. He is my helper, my healer, and everything I need and have comes from him. He healed physically and spiritually when he walked on earth. He released people from demons and raised them from the dead. He does this now. My God is powerful and I love following him…though this too can be hard sometimes.

What is your favorite story or verse in scripture?
My favorite passage of scripture is Jeremiah 31. When I was in college, I got my heart broken into a million pieces and I read verses 12, 13 over and over and over. Then 2 years ago I read the whole passage and was amazed that I had been blind to the rest of the passage that showed the beauty of God’s love and faithfulness to his beloved Israel. I read this passage at least once a week and have certain parts memorized.

What is one thing you love about Austin Mustard Seed?
I love that it took only one visit to convince us that this was the church for us. We visited on Kickball Sunday. We met almost every single person that day. It is not hard to get to know people at this church. There are so many avenues to not only get to know people, but to go deep quickly with things like story night and weekly meet ups. I love the genuineness of the people who attend. Because we met almost everyone the first Sunday, I decided I wanted to keep that going. Each week I say hi to people I know and then meet someone I don’t know.

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