Growing our Leadership Team

May 2nd, 2016 | John Chandler


We have moved on to second stage of putting together our initial leadership team. This small, self-giving team will hold the vision and vitality of Austin Mustard Seed as a sacred trust, offering wisdom and experience to guide our church community as we follow the way of Jesus for North Central Austin.

The following people were nominated for our leadership team and chose to continue in the discernment process:

Jonathan Baker
Shane Blackshear
Ashley Blackwell
Megan Engel
Leah Gonzalez
Kevin Jordan
April Karli
Jamie McCormick
Oliver Thoma

Next Step: Give Feedback About Leadership Team

We are inviting the community to speak into the process. Please review the description of how the leadership team will function found here.

With this in your head and heart, we invite you to offer affirmations or concerns about any of the nominees above. You can speak to John Chandler in person or send your thoughts via email to