Sermon (2019.06.16) S. Blackshear

June 18th, 2019 | Josh Williams

This morning Shane leads us through an understanding of the Eucharist.

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Sermon – The Pentecostal Spirit

June 9th, 2019 | Josh Williams

This morning, on the Sunday of Pentecost, guest preacher Derek Vreeland teaches on what it means to have a “pentecostal spirit.” Derek is joined by a translator as we shared the morning service with our sister church, Hope of Life.

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Sermon (2019.06.02) April Karli

June 2nd, 2019 | Josh Williams

This morning, on the 7th Sunday of Easter, Pastor April Karli brings this morning’s message on the Ascension of Jesus.

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Sermon (2019.05.26) April Karli

May 28th, 2019 | Daniel Read

April leads us through the 6th Sunday of Easter. The text for this was John 14-23-29.

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Sermon (2019.05.19) Terra McDaniel

May 20th, 2019 | Josh Williams

Guest speaker Terra McDaniel leads us through the scriptures on the 5th Sunday of Easter.

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Sermon (2019.05.12) Chris Morton

May 14th, 2019 | Daniel Read

The 4th Sunday of Easter, Chris Morton shared from Acts 9:32-42 on the topic “God’s Not Finished.”Quotes and resources from the sermon: Tar Pitch story the Speed episode of Radiolab “Loneliness is a feeling of being guilty. Of what? Of existing? Of being judged? By whom? We do not know. Loneliness is a taste of death.” Jean Vanier “A community is only … Read More

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Sermon (2019.05.05) April Karli

May 8th, 2019 | Daniel Read

April Leads us through the 3rd Sunday of Easter. The text for this Sunday was John 21:1-19. From the Sermon: “As we come to the table today to be fed, how can Jesus surprise us with his presence, with the abundance of his love, grace, hope, and with a fresh renewal of our calling”

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Sermon (2019.04.28) Andrea Lucado

April 30th, 2019 | Daniel Read

Andrea Leads us through the second week of Easter. Our text for the morning was the story of doubting Thomas. Text: John 20:19-31 Reflection Questions: How do we believe in what we cannot see? Sometimes we don’t. The others around us do. We ask God and we wait. We have an experience with the risen Christ. We look for evidence … Read More

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Easter Sunday

April 23rd, 2019 | Daniel Read

April Karli leads us through the Easter text of John 20:1-18.

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Sermon (2019.04.14) Shane Blackshear

April 16th, 2019 | Daniel Read

Shane leads us through the lectionary text for Palm Sunday. The text for this Sunday was Luke 22:14-23:56.

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